Energy Efficient Home Improvements Inspired by Social Media Networks

Recently while browsing through Pinterest I came across lots of posts about energy efficiency and energy efficient homes and building. This inspired me to look at my own home to see if its energy efficient and green because Energy efficient homes are required not only to save my bills but also to reserve energy for our coming generations.

It is not difficult to produce your own electricity at home. Renewable energy sources are panels produced with micro-generation and low carbon technology to produce sufficient amount of energy for your personal use. It is an investment which provides you lifetime saving and energy-efficiency. Another good way is to install solar panels to consume sunlight as your main energy source. If you live in a sunny area with good supply of sunlight then the best choice is to install solar panels.

Home insulation refers to blocking all the holes, cracks and spaces that allow airflow. For better insulation, you can also insulate the roof and stairs with foam sheets. Make sure to insulate your pipes and radiators as well so that no internal temperature exchange interferes with overall temperature of your home.

Dishwasher, refrigerator, air-conditioner and all such appliances can now be replaced with new energy-efficient ones. The latter type saves energy by reducing its consumption.

All the equipments which can be programmed according to your need like geyser, hot water bath, good electric kettles and thermostat help you save energy in two ways. Firstly, they ring alarm bells when there is need of turning them on or when they have completed the job. Secondly, they can be time-programmed to turn on or off when you are out of station. They are also very easy to install on your own without needing much time and effort if you have good tool set including power screw driver and a easy to use power drill.

A not-so-expensive energy efficient solution is to install fluorescent bulbs in your home. A good variety of these bulbs is available in the market therefore make sure to choose the latest and highest-quality bulb after doing proper research on them.

Even if you are self-sufficient in energy production with renewable energy sources, yet it is ideal to install smart meters to note the usage of gas and electricity. These are next generation meters which continuously provide information about energy usage. With the help of smart meters, you can cut your energy consumption or save on the bills if you have not installed renewable energy source.

Save more on energy by reducing regular energy consumption. Spend an hour in bright daylight instead of home. It will also improve your health. Install a sun roof in living room to consume more natural light.